Sunday, June 8, 2014

Flintloque and Ion age customs

Evening all,

For your viewing pleasure I bring you an Ion age custom and a Flintloque custom based figure.

The Flintloque custom was done by my friend Eve Hallow over at Eve Hallow miniatures blog. He put this rat on the base and sent him to me because he knew I was a big Flintloque fan. Well, it came to me unpainted so I had my work cut out for me, to take a great sculpted figure and a great based figure and paint it up. I had a great time painting this figure since I love painting Flintloque figs (the colors of the uniforms, etc.)

Well, this guy called out to me to put him in the McAlister tartan. Call me mad but I have always loved painting tartans. I will be using it in our Slaughterloo (mass-battle Napoleonic warfare) games as a turn marker -- whoever has the piper has the turn.  He will also be making a journey to the Chicago Highland games as a table piece, showing off the McAlister tartan and the Alternative Armies brand of excellent sculpted figures.

Next up we have a custom Ion Age figure brought to you by the collaboration of Eve Hallow and myself.  Eve had sent the piece to me with the above mentioned rat for the same reason - he knows I am a big Ion age fan. Well, again, it came to me built but not painted. After a long look at it the figure, it just cried out to be a painted up in a darker color scheme than what I'd painted my other Ion Age figs. After painting the rider up I decided to go with a polar bear look for the beast. After finishing the painting I put it on the base and then decided it needed more to it than just empty space thus we have the carnage of the war in the Ion age.

Happy Gaming.



  1. Love the rat bob. The tartan looks epic. Fantastic use for him too.

    The bear rider is one of my favourite conversions of all time. Glad to see him finally with a worthy paint job.
    Keep up the good work.


    1. Good job Eve. Well done on getting these to Bob. Amazing what you can do with excellent miniatures and some applied talent. GBS

  2. Great blog post Bob. Great to see these works by Eve over with you. The Ion Age Retained on a Bear is a lovely idea and the Highlander Joccian will keep you smiling. Who needs mind altering substances or women when you can paint and play and keep amused with wargaming. Puts me in mind to play a game or two of Flintloque soon. Take Care. GBS

  3. Thanks Mates.
    I had a blast doing them, now I have to find time to play.